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Automated Document Generation
Generate Trust Deeds, Wills and Estate Plans and reports at the Click of Button
Once you have created a contact card for persons and entities on the tool, you can add them to documents at a click. Its that simple.
Industry-Leading Wealth Calculations
With calculators the industry have been waiting for for a long time, you are now able to not only make calculations for Financial Planning, but also Estate Planning, Trust Planning and Company Planning.
Scenario Planning
With scenario planning tools for many occasions, you are able to compare the effect different choices will have on your wealth and structures. This is not only limited to your personal finances, but also extends to your family wealth structures, like your family trust and company.
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World-Class KYC Capabilities
Digital Identity Verification
Your clients are able to safely capture and verify their due diligence documents online or you can do it on their behalf and store in on the system.
Ensure Compliance with the Automated KYC Indicator
Whether responsible for domestic or international compliance, the KYC indicator helps ensure that you collect and store the correct information. Based on global best-practices, missteps can be reduced significantly with the KYC indicator’s push notifications and alerts.
Ease of Reporting
The world is getting smaller and more accessible, but the compliance burden is increasing regularly. Advising on offshore products or investing on behalf of international clients has its own reporting obligations which may be arduous. Capture the necessary information for CRS and FATCA reporting on our KYC portal with ease.
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Secure Cloud Solution
One Hub for Access to Information
Store, share and retrieve data in one place. With multiple advisors being able to upload and store financial information on a single client, running a family office has never been this easy.
Data Protection and Privacy at the Forefront
With Multi-factor authentication (MFA), bank-grade encryption and carefully access-controlled documents, your files remain safe from fraudsters. Add-in the secure messaging ability and you now also have the opportunity to send private messages in a secure and discreet manner.
Work from Anywhere Capabilities
Because this solution is cloud based, you will be able to work from anywhere in the world and from any device, within the set safety features that are built-in.
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Optimised Client Relationship Management
Reduce Admin Time
Reduce onboarding time by having the option to co-populate client information on the shared client contact card. The colour indicators will help guide the process to show what information is still needed to complete the process. Our voice-to-text option allows for accurate and timely drafting of minutes at meetings, letters, resolutions and report writing. With a built-in diary that can easily be synchronised with your device or desktop calendar, you will not be left in the dark with power-outages.
Communicate Effectively
Our end-to-end encrypted and backed-up messaging capabilities help reduce reliance on email. With the built-in capability to attend virtual voice or video meetings, record it, save it and transcribe it on the system reduces the need to try and remember what was said or looking through a note book at cryptic notes.
Increase Turnaround Time
Our document automation system allows advisors to draft key documents much quicker. Our calculators also allow for reports to be drafted much quicker as clients are selected and documents and scenarios created by the click of the button.
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