The Virtual Family Office has arrived
Instant, secure access to all of your financial and fiduciary information in a single, unified view, a real-time virtual round-table for all your advisors.
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Your Personal Virtual Family Office
If you ever wondered if managing and protecting your global wealth could be easier and centralised so that you can access all of your information and transact in one place and do not have to provide your personal information over and over again, we have just the tool for you. Whether you own all of your wealth in your personal name or if you have intricate offshore Trust and Company structures, we have the necessary tools for you. With the technology now at your disposal, it has never been easier for you to create an encrypted safe space for your Wealth Manager, Financial Planner, Fiduciary Specialist, Accountant or Trustee to manage your wealth, store information that you need to have access to, communicate with you, meet up with you, sharing information and ensuring compliance . Once you have logged-in and safely stored your information, you can send encrypted messages to your advisors, do calculations, save files to your secure file vault or have your advisors save it for you. Because we are an international organisation, our tools make it easy for you to manage global wealth and structures. We have also made it easier for your advisors to give you great service by providing them with compliance tools, document automation, accounting diary management, time management and data reporting.
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View Financial Information in Real Time
Our secure file vault and info-sharing capabilities allows you to receive updates as they are made.
Communicate Safely and Securely with Verified Advisors
Privacy is non-negotiable when it comes to your finances. Having access to a secure chat facility, you can now interact with your advisor securely on the system, thereby eliminating the risk of sensitive information becoming vulnerable.
Access to Industry Leading Tools
With our industry leading tools, you will be able to manage your personal wealth better. Attend virtual meetings, sign resolutions digitally, manage your diary, record and automatically minute virtual meetings, make amendments to your will, do scenario planning or just see how much tax you'll most likely have to pay. The possibilities are many.
Focus on Growth, not Paperwork
Our digital signature capabilities, voice-to-text minute taker and automated document drafting solution makes it easier for you to take part in the management of your wealth. Work in tandem with your Independent Trustee, Estate Planner and Financial Advisor on the secure platform from your PC or mobile device
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Results-focussed Client Management for Financial Planners and Fiduciary Practitioners
All fiduciary, financial, legal and KYC tools, knowledge base and documentation accessible from a single app 24/7/365.
Automated Customer KYC
Reduce onboarding turn-around with digitally pre-verified customers.
Bridge the Knowledge-Gap
Cross-functional, automated wizard generating up-to-date industry standard reports based on real-world scenarios and calculations.
Scalable Client Management
Communicate, Manage KYC, Track, Record, Share Documents Instantly.
Auto-Generated Documents
Generate Wills, Trust Deeds, Estate Plans, Financial Plans and Scenario Plans at the click of a button.
scalable metrics
Scalable Customer Growth: A cloud-based paperless Tool
Manage mutliple clients from one single platform. Built with financial planners, trustees and other fiduciary practitioners in mind, CloudWealth streamlines day-to-day management of wealth structures, regulatory tasks, and seamlessly integrates communication with clients from a single interface. Work from anywhere has never been more accessible than now. With our MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication), you can safely and securely manage your client base from anywhere in the world.
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